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What level do my dragons need to be to breed?

Dragons must be at least level 4 to breed, but higher level dragons mean better chances to hatch rare and epic dragons!

How do I know which dragons to breed?

Not sure which dragons to breed? View your current goals or visit the Dragonarium to see which dragons you haven't collected yet. Tapping on a dragon in the Dragonarium will give you a breeding tip to help you breed that dragon.


I leveled up my dragon but it still looks like a baby. Do the dragons ever become adults?

Each dragon will change at levels 4 and 9, and will reach their full adult form at level 15. 


What is the highest level a dragon can reach?

The maximum level for a dragon in DragonVale World is 20. 


How do I sell or move a dragon I've already placed into a habitat?

You can move or sell any dragon by locating it in your park, then tapping its info card in the lower left of the feeding screen. From there you can move, sell, rename your dragon and more!


How do I hatch my egg pedestal?

Egg pedestals are for decoration only and cannot be hatched.


I only have a few dragons in my Market. How can I buy other dragons?

In addition to the daily dragon deals in the Market, dragons can also be purchased directly from the Dragonarium. Tap the “Dragons” icon on the left of your screen to access the Dragonarium at any time.


How do I remove my dragon from the Hibernation Cave?

When you would like to move a dragon out of hibernation and into a habitat, you can do so using the instructions below:

  1. Tap the Hibernation Cave
  2. Tap the "View Dragons" icon
  3. Tap the dragon you wish to remove
  4. Tap the blue move button
  5. Select the habitat you would like to place the dragon in


What do the stars above a dragon’s head mean?

Each dragon in DragonVale World has a star level which indicates its rarity. The more stars a dragon has, the more rare it is.


Why can’t I see enchanted dragons in the Dragonarium?

The enchanted dragons are quite rare and mysterious, and will only appear in the Dragonarium once collected.


How many enchanted dragons are there?

Each dragon in DragonVale World has a special enchanted counterpart, and one particularly special dragon has a whole rainbow of enchanted cousins!



Enchanted Crystals

Why can't I trade dragons in my park for Shards?

Only newly-hatched dragons still in the Hatchery can be traded to Eloni for Shards.


I only received 1 Shard for a dragon. Is this a bug?

The number of Shards you receive in trade varies based on the rarity of the dragon. 1 Shard is the correct amount for some of the most common dragons, while some rare dragons will trade for several hundred Shards. 


Can I breed an Enchanted Dragon without using an Enchanted Crystal?

It is not possible to breed an Enchanted Dragon without adding an Enchanted Crystal to the breed attempt. You must tap the "add crystal" button prior to tapping the "breed" button to add a Crystal and guarantee an Enchanted Dragon. 





What do spells do?

We don’t yet know the full power of spells, but we do know they can make your dragons look pretty awesome! Experiment with different combinations of spells to create a custom look for your dragons.


I have goals to cast Fire and Jungle breath spells but I don't have that option. How can I complete these goals?

You can't cast a Fire breath spell on a dragon that has Fire as its primary trait. Select any dragon that doesn't have Fire as its primary trait to cast the Fire breath spell and complete the goal. Likewise, you will only be able to cast a Jungle breath spell on a dragon that doesn't have Jungle as its primary trait.




Growing Food

How can I grow more food?

The amount of food you receive for growing a certain crop depends on the level of Sebastian's Snackery. Upgrading the Snackery will allow you to grow more food in the same amount of time. Don't forget you can also purchase additional farm plots in the "Buildings" section of the Market. 


Why can my friend grow more food than I can?

The amount of food you will receive from planting a given crop depends on the level of Sebastian's Snackery. If your friends are receiving more food for growing a certain crop, it is likely their Snackery is a higher level than yours. 





The Market says I’m at my limit of habitats. Why can’t I buy any more?

There is a limit to how many total habitats you can have depending on the level of your park. Level up your park to increase your habitat limit and unlock different types of habitats and dragons.


I upgraded one of my habitats but nothing happened! Why didn’t it change?

The physical appearance of the habitat will not change with every upgrade, but the number of dragons and/or amount of DragonCash the habitat can hold will increase. Be sure to check the habitat’s stats to see what will increase with the upgrade.




Collecting DragonCash 

I tried to collect some DragonCash, but it says my bank is full. How can I collect my Cash?

If you need more space to hold your DragonCash, you can purchase the Golden Talon Bank & Trust from the Market. The total amount of DragonCash you can collect at one time is determined by the level of the Golden Talon Bank & Trust, so upgrade it often to collect as much DragonCash as possible!


How do I take my DragonCash out of the Golden Talon Bank & Trust?

The Golden Talon Bank & Trust dictates how much total DragonCash your park can hold, but your DragonCash is not actually stored in the bank separately from your main total. Any DragonCash you collect in your park will be reflected in your main DragonCash total.





Why can’t I gather some items?

Each item you can gather from the world map has a set of traits associated with it. In order to gather that item you must have a dragon that possesses those traits.


What can I do with the items I gather?

Items gathered from the World Map can be used to fill orders and earn rewards on the Arcane Airship. You can also sell extra items at Silvia’s Trading post to help other players and make some extra DragonCash!


What is the maximum number of an item I can gather at one time?

The quantity of an item you can gather at one time depends on the level of the dragon you use. For example, if you use a level 10 dragon to gather, you can gather up to 10 of the item at once.




Arcane Airship

How long do I have to fill all the orders on the Arcane Airship?

Once the Airship docks you will have 16 hours to fulfill all orders. After the Arcane Airships casts off, it will return to your park in 8 hours. Can’t wait for the Airship to return? You can use Gems to make it return right away!


What if I don’t have the items needed for the Arcane Airship?

Many items needed for the Airship can be obtained by sending your dragons gathering. If you find yourself missing a few items for the Airship and don't have time to gather them, check Silvia’s Trading Post to see if anyone is selling the items you need. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Send your friends a message and ask them to create a sale to help you out!



Boost Potions

Why is it telling me I don't have space to brew a potion when my cauldrons are empty? 

If your cauldrons are empty and you are being told you don't have enough space, your boost potion inventory is likely full. Before you can add a new boost you would need to create space by using or deleting a potion in your inventory, or by unlocking an additional inventory slot. You can access your inventory by entering the Boost Brewery and tapping the blue "inventory" tab at the bottom of your screen.


Do Dragon Boosts Expire? 

Once you've brewed a Bring 'em Back Boost, Encore Boost, or Rarity Remedy it will be placed into your inventory and will not expire. 


How long does a Bring 'em Back boost last for?

Once activated, a Bring 'em Back Boost will make the selected dragon and its Enchanted variant available for 7 days. After the boost expires, you will have the option to reactivate it for an additional 3 1/2 days. 


Why can't I brew a Rarity Remedy for some dragons? 

Rarity Remedies are primarily intended to assist with breeding Enchanted Dragons, so you can't brew a Rarity Remedy for a dragon unless you own the base version of that dragon. 


How long will a Rarity Remedy last?

Once activated, a Rarity Remedy will increase your chances of breeding the selected dragon for 7 days. After the boost expires, you will have the option to reactivate it for an additional 3 1/2 days. 


How long does an Encore Boost last for?

The amount of time an Encore Boost lasts will be indicated when brewing the boost and differs from dragon to dragon. After an Encore Boost has expired you will have the option to reactivate the boost using Gems. 




Sylvia's Trading Post

Why should I advertise a sale at Sylvia’s Trading Post?

When you advertise a sale it will be visible to players all over the world. This is the best way to reach more potential customers and ensure your items sell quickly.


I advertised a sale but it's no longer advertised. What happened? 

When you advertise a sale it will be visible to other players around the world for 3 hours. If the items do not sell after 3 hours you would need to advertise the sale again in order for it to appear in the world market. 


How many sale slots can I add to Silvia’s Trading Post?

The maximum number of Trading Post slots available is 40.




Friends & Gifting 

How many Gems can I send to my friends each day?

Each day you will have a total of 3 Gems you can send to your friends. Please note that you can only send 1 Gem to each friend per day. It is important to note the Gems you can give away are completely free and are not deducted from your personal Gem total. 


How can I send more than 3 Gems each day?

You can give Gems to more of your friends by purchasing the Dragonsai Tree from the Market. The Dragonsai Tree will allow you to send Gems to 3 additional friends each day.


Why does it say I can’t send my friend any more Gems?

You cannot send more than 1 Gem to the same friend in a single day. Additionally, if your friend has not collected the last Gem you sent them, you will not be able to send them another Gem until they do so.


What time do the Gems reset?

The Gems you can send to your friends each day are on a 24 hour cycle and reset daily at 12am*.


*Times may vary in areas that observe Daylight Savings Time




Daily Rewards 

I closed the calendar without collecting my reward. How can I get back the the calendar?

You can access the daily reward calendar at any time by tapping the Dragonsai Habitat, then tapping "Open Calendar". 


What happens if I log into DragonVale World but forget to collect my daily reward?

If you open DragonVale World, but do not collect your reward for that day, it will be placed into your inbox so you can collect it at your convenience.


I just collected the rewards for all 20 days. What happens next?

Once you complete the 20 day calendar, it will start over again the following day. You will be able to collect all of the rewards again - including another free Gem-earning dragon!


My Dragonsai Habitat is Full. How do I collect more Dragonsai Dragons?

If you have already collected 9 Dragonsai Dragons you could start collecting the pedestals or placing the dragons in hibernation, but it is not be possible to have more than 9 dragons displayed in the habitat at this time.

If your habitat is full and you are unable to collect your free dragon from your inbox you will first need to place one of your existing dragons in the Hibernation Cave. Once you have freed up a slot by hibernating a dragon you can collect the egg from your inbox and hatch it, exchange it for a display pedestal, or trade it for Shards.



Weekend Challenges

I just started playing and didn't get a Weekend Challenge yet. When do they start?

The Weekend Challenges will begin in your park once you reach level 6. 


What time do the Weekend Challenges start?

The Weekend Challenges will begin in your park every Friday at 9am*.


When do the Weekend Challenges end?

The Weekend Challenges will run through the weekend and end on Monday at 9am*.



*Times may vary in areas that observe Daylight Savings Time


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