DragonVale World Gameplay Guide

We’ve hatched an all-new DragonVale game! Enter a magical 3D world of dragon-filled adventures!

This article is intended to explain some gameplay basics and provide answers to some questions you may have. As always, you can email our support team at if you need additional assistance.

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Getting Started
Breeding Dragons
Hatching Dragons
Buying Dragons
Dragon Rarity
Building Your Park
The Arcane Airship
Boost Potions
Dragon Boosts
Silivia’s Trading Post
Friends & Gifting
Weekend Challenges
Daily Reward Calendar


Getting Started

DragonVale World is all about collecting adorable dragons and building an awesome dragon park for them to live in. Here’s a rundown of some of the main features you should know about.


The Breeding Cave


No one really knows for sure what happens inside the Breeding Cave, but we do know that something magical happens when you put two dragons inside. Try it out for yourself!


Eloni’s Hatchery


Once you've bred some dragons you're going to need somewhere to hatch your eggs. Eloni's Hatchery is just the place! Eloni's Hatchery can incubate one egg at a time to start with, but can be upgraded with Gems to hold up to 4 eggs at once. 


The Market


In the Market you can find deals on featured dragons, as well as habitats, decorations, Gems and more! Feeling the urge to splurge? Check out the Market for all your shopping needs.


Sebastian’s Snackery


Sebastian’s Snackery is a culinary cornerstone where you can grow crops and store food for all your hungry dragons. Your park will start with 2 farm plots, but you can purchase more in the “Buildings” section of the Market. Be sure to keep your Snackery upgraded to grow more food!


Golden Talon Bank & Trust


Purchase the Golden Talon Bank & Trust from the “Buildings” section of the Market to increase your cash-carrying capacity. The maximum amount of DragonCash you can collect is determined by the level of your bank so upgrade often to collect as much DragonCash as possible!


Boost Brewery


Use the Boost Brewery to craft Boost Potions for speeding up operations around your park. Boosts can be stored, activated, removed, and upgraded here, too. Fill orders on the Arcane Airship to earn recipe ingredients and get busy brewing!


The Dragonarium


The Dragonarium is your one stop shop for all things dragons! Visit the Dragonarium to view all of your dragons, and browse those you haven’t collected yet. You can visit the Dragonarium at any time by tapping the “Dragons” icon on the left side of your screen.


Searching the Dragonarium

filter1.jpg   filter2.jpg   filter-results.jpg

To make finding specific dragons easier, the Dragonarium can be sorted using several filters. You can filter by traits, rarity, and whether or not the dragon is in your collection.

To apply search filters to the Dragonarium:

  1. Tap the purple filter icon in the lower right of the screen
  2. Tap on a trait, rarity, or other filter to filter the list of dragons
  3. Once you have selected the desired filters, tap the “Apply” button to view the search results
  4. To reset your selections, tap the “Reset” button


Breeding Dragons

breeding-1.jpg   breeding-2.jpg   breeding-3.jpg

A dragon park isn’t much fun without dragons, and breeding dragons is the best way to expand your collection! Select two dragons to put in the Breeding Cave and see what happens! You never know what kind of dragon will hatch!

Dragons must be at least level 4 to breed, but higher level dragons mean better chances to hatch rare and epic dragons!

If you aren’t sure which dragons to breed, take a look at your current goals or visit the Dragonarium to see which dragons you haven't collected yet. Tapping on a dragon in the Dragonarium will give you a breeding tip to help you breed that dragon.


Hatching Dragons

hatch-dragon-1.jpg   hatch-dragon-2.jpg   hatch-dragon-3.jpg

After you’ve hatched a dragon, place it in your park by tapping the green “Place” button and selecting an appropriate habitat. Each dragon has certain traits that dictate which habitats it can be placed in.

If you don’t have the right habitat for your new dragon, or all of your habitats are full, you will have the option to purchase a new habitat from the Market. Once the new habitat is ready you can place your baby dragon into its new home. Alternatively, you can upgrade an existing habitat to make some room. 


Egg Pedestals


Dragon eggs are often just as beautiful as the dragons themselves, so you can also choose to trade your new dragon for a decorative egg pedestal. To trade your dragon for an egg decoration, just tap the pedestal button. You will receive a decorative pedestal that can be placed anywhere in your park.

Please note: Once you have chosen to trade your dragon for a pedestal it cannot be hatched.


Selling a Dragon


If you already have the dragon you just hatched, or you just need some extra DragonCash, you can also choose to sell a dragon by tapping the “Sell” button.

To sell a dragon you have already placed into a habitat, locate it in your park, then tap its info card in the lower left of the feeding screen. From there you can sell, move, rename your dragon, and more!

Please note: If you sell the last dragon of a given type, it will be marked as “Not Collected” in the Dragonarium.


Trading a Dragon for Shards


Any time you hatch a dragon you already own, you will have the option to trade that dragon to Eloni for Crystal Shards. Crystal Shards allow you to craft Enchanted Crystals that will allow you to obtain special Enchanted Dragons. The more rare the dragon,  the more Shards you will receive in Trade. 

Please note: >Only newly-hatched dragons still in the Hatchery can be traded for Shards.


Hibernating a Dragon


Running out of space in your park? Purchase the Hibernation Cave from the Market to give your dragons a cozy place to rest until you have more room. Once you have the Hibernation Cave in your park you can place a newly-hatched dragon there by tapping the hibernate button.


To remove a dragon from the Hibernation Cave:

  1. Tap the Hibernation Cave
  2. Tap the "View Dragons" icon
  3. Tap the dragon you wish to remove
  4. Tap the blue move button
  5. Select the habitat you would like to place the dragon in



Buying Dragons

In addition to breeding, dragons can also be collected by purchasing them in the Dragonarium or Market. 

Purchasing Dragons From the Dragonarium

purchase-dragon.jpg    purchase-pedestal.jpg

To purchase a dragon from the Dragonarium, simply find and tap the dragon you want. When purchasing a dragon, you have two options - purchase the dragon, or purchase the egg to display on a pedestal. You can toggle between the dragon and the pedestal by tapping the egg icon to the right of the buy button.

Please note: Egg pedestals are for decoration only and cannot be hatched. They can, however, make your park look pretty awesome!


Featured Dragons

The “Dragons” section of the Market contains deals on featured dragons, as well as special Gem-earning dragons. Be sure to check out the featured dragons often for great deals on awesome dragons! 


sakura-dragon.png  tauria-dragon.png  azalea-dragon.png  enchanted-deadwood-dragon.png



Dragon Rarity


As you hatch and collect dragons in DragonVale World you’ll notice that each dragon has a star level which indicates its rarity. The more stars a dragon has, the more rare it is. 



Here’s a basic breakdown of the dragon rarity system:

Common dragons - 1 star
Uncommon dragons - 2 stars
Rare dragons - 3 stars
Epic dragons - 4 stars


Enchanted Dragons


In addition to the rarities above, each dragon in DragonVale World has a special enchanted variant. Enchanted dragons will always have 1 star more than their normal counterpart, and their rarity will be displayed as gold stars instead of silver.


Please note: Enchanted Dragons can only be bred by adding an Enchanted Crystal to the breed attempt.





Customize the look of your dragons using spells! Spells are divided into 2 categories - Body and Breath.

To apply a spell to a dragon:

  1. Select a dragon in your park
  2. Tap the "Spells" tab
  3. Tap "Body", "Breath", or "All Spells" from the drop down in the upper left of the screen to view the available spells
  4. Tap the spell you wish to cast to preview its effects. If you like what you see, just tap the green "Apply" button to cast the spell.

Experiment with different combinations of spells for amazing results!


Body Spells

body-spells-1.jpg    body-spells-2.jpg

Body spells can change the physical appearance of your dragons. You can make them smaller, make them look like babies again, or even give them a big head!

Breath Spells

breath-spells-1.jpg    breath-spells-2.jpg

With Breath spells you can change a dragon's breath to Fire, Earth, Water, Plant, and more! More Breath spells will become available as you level up your park and unlock new dragon types.



Building Your Park


frozen-habitat-new.jpg   rainbow-habitat-new.jpg   ancient-habitat-new.jpg

Every dragon needs a place to call home, so you’re going to need some habitats. Habitats can be purchased in the “Habitats” section of the Market, and you will unlock different habitat types as you level up your park.

Habitats can be upgraded to hold more dragons and DragonCash. At your habitat limit and need space for a new dragon? Try upgrading one of your existing habitats to make some room!


To upgrade a habitat:

  1. Tap the habitat you wish to upgrade
  2. Tap the “Upgrade” icon
  3. View the habitat’s stats to see how much the upgrade will cost and how many dragons and DragonCash the upgraded habitat will hold
  4. Tap the green “Upgrade” button to purchase the upgrade 

Please note: The physical appearance of the habitat will not change with every upgrade, but the number of dragons and/or amount of DragonCash the habitat can hold will increase. Be sure to check the habitat’s stats to see what will change with the upgrade.



Buildings, Paths, and Decorations

jungle-altar.png   serene-fountain.png   ancient-rock.png   air-path.png

Guests like to look at more than just dragons, so be sure to decorate your park too! Buildings, paths, and decorations can be purchased in the Market and are a great way to customize your park. More decorations will become available in the Market as you level up your park.


Park Expansions

park-expansion-1.jpg    park-expansion-2.jpg

Park Expansions allow you to increase the size of your park to make room for all those dragons you’ve been collecting. To purchase a park expansion, simply tap one of the wooded areas in your park. If your park is a high enough level to unlock that area you will have the choice of purchasing the expansion with DragonCash or Gems. There are a total of 8 park expansions available. Unlock them all to create an amazing dragon park!

If you choose to purchase the expansion with DragonCash you will need to wait for the area to unlock. If you use Gems to purchase the expansion it will be unlocked immediately.

Please note: Regardless of which purchasing option you choose, the newly unlocked area will contain various trees, rocks, and bushes you will need to clear to create more space.



world-map.jpg   gather-1.jpg

In DragonVale World you can send your dragons to far-off lands to gather rare and unusual items. You can use these items to fulfill orders and earn rewards on the Arcane Airship, or sell them at Silvia’s Trading Post to make some extra DragonCash!

To gather items:

  1. Tap the “Gather” icon on the left side of your screen
  2. Tap one of the areas on the map
  3. Select an item to gather
  4. Choose a dragon to send gathering
  5. Use the blue “Plus” button to choose the number of items you wish to gather
  6. Tap the green “Gather” button

Each gatherable item has a set of traits associated with it, and in order to gather that item you must have a dragon that possesses those traits. The quantity of an item you can gather at one time depends on the level of the dragon you use. For example, if you use a level 10 dragon to gather, you can gather up to 10 of the item at once.


The Arcane Airship

airship.jpg   airship-orders.jpg

Each day the Arcane Airship will return from exploring The Surface and dock in your park. Board the Airship to fill orders and earn rewards! The more orders you fill, the better the rewards!

Filling an Order

To fill an order on the Airship:

  1. Tap the Arcane Airship
  2. Tap “Board the Ship”
  3. Tap a crate to view the item needed and the reward
  4. Tap the “Fill Order” button to fulfill the order and collect the reward

Once all orders are filled, send the Airship on its way to reap even more rewards! Be sure to check back every day for new orders to fill. 


Previewing the Next Airship


After the Airship has left for the day, you can preview the items needed for the next Airship by tapping the "Board the Ship" icon. This is a great way to get a head start on the next day's orders!




The Arcane Airship Port is where all of your gathered items are stored. If you find yourself running out of storage space you can upgrade your Airship Port to store more items.

To increase storage space:

  1. Tap the Arcane Airship
  2. Tap the “Upgrade” icon
  3. Tap the green “Upgrade” button and you’ll instantly have more room to store items!



Boost Potions


The Boost Brewery is where you can craft special Boost Potions to speed up various activities around your park. Don't mind Azza - she's not exactly a people person, but her expertise in Boost Potions is undeniable.


Boost Ingredients

There are 4 types of ingredients that can be used to craft Boost Potions. They can be collected from Airship Chests and Weekend Challenges, and you might find a few around your park while growing Food or collecting DragonCash.

amber-thorn.png Amber Thorn - Common
petrified-fungus.png Petrified Fungus - Uncommon
fossilized-conch.png Fossilized Conch - Rare
ossified-stardust.png  Ossified Stardust - Epic



Crafting a Boost Potion

brew-boost-2.jpg     brew-boost-3.jpg

  1. Tap on the Boost Brewery
  2. Tap an empty cauldron to view available recipes
  3. If you have all of the required ingredients, tap the "Brew" button to begin brewing the Potion
  4. If you do not have all required ingredients, tap "Get Ingredients" to obtain them in the Airship or Market

Once a Boost Potion has finished brewing, tap the Inventory tab at the bottom of the screen to view and activate your available Potions.

With the optional second cauldron you can brew or activate two Boost Potions at a time, but please note you can't stack two of the same type of Boost. 


Upgrading a Boost Potion

Boost Potions can also be upgraded to provide an even stronger effect.

To upgrade a Boost Potion:

  1. Tap the Boost Brewery
  2. Tap the "Inventory" tab at the bottom of the screen
  3. Tap a Boost Potion from your Inventory, then tap the "Upgrade" button
  4. The Boost Potion will be upgraded instantly and can be activated in your park right away


Destroying a Boost Potion


If you need to make room for another Boost Potion in your inventory, or you wish to activate a different type of Boost, you can destroy a Boost Potion at any time.

To destroy a Boost Potion:

  1. Tap the Boost Brewery
  2. Tap the cauldron, then tap the trash can icon to destroy an active Boost Potion
  3. To destroy a Boost Potion in your inventory, tap the "Inventory" tab at the bottom of the screen, select a potion, then tap the trash can icon



Dragon Boosts


These very special boosts provide new and exciting ways to obtain new dragons! Try a Bring 'em Back Boost, a Rarity Remedy, or an Encore Boost to make breeding rare dragons easier than ever before!


Bring 'em Back Boosts


Bring 'em Back Boosts allow you to bring back an expired dragon and make it and its Enchanted variant available to breed or purchase. Select 5 dragons and spin the wheel to randomly select one to bring back. You can upgrade a Bring 'em Back boost using Gems to refine the dragon selection.

Once a Bring 'em Back Boost has been brewed it will be placed into your inventory and will not expire. When you activate the boost it will make the selected dragon and it's Enchanted variant available for 7 days. After a Bring 'em Back Boost has expired you will have the option to reactivate the boost for another 3 1/2 days.


Encore Boosts


Encore boosts are brewed for specific dragons and allow you to bring back the selected dragon after it has expired. Encore Boosts differ from Bring 'em Back boosts in that you can brew the boost for a limited dragon that is currently available, and then activate it any time after that dragon has expired. 

Once an Encore Boost is brewed, it will be placed into your inventory and will not expire. You can activate the boost at any time, providing the selected dragon is not currently available. The amount of time an Encore Boost lasts will be indicated when brewing the boost and differs from dragon to dragon. After an Encore Boost has expired you will have the option to reactivate the boost using Gems. 


Rarity Remedies


Rarity Remedies will greatly increase your chances of breeding the dragon you select and are best used when paired with an Enchanted Crystal to aid in breeding Enchanted Dragons. Choose between a regular Rarity Remedy, or an Epic Rarity Remedy depending on which dragon you are trying to breed. You cannot brew a Rarity Remedy for a dragon until you have collected the base version of that dragon. 

Once a Rarity Remedy is brewed it will be placed into your inventory and will not expire. When you activate the Rarity Remedy you will have a 20% chance to breed the selected dragon for a period of 7 days. After the Rarity Remedy expires you will have the option to reactivate the boost for another 3 1/2 days. 


Silvia’s Trading Post

trading-post.jpg  create-sale-2.jpg  create-sale-3.jpg 

Have extra items from gathering? Sell them to other DragonVale World players at Silvia’s Trading Post and earn some extra DragonCash!  


Selling an Item

  1. Tap Silvia’s Trading Post
  2. Tap the “Trade” icon
  3. Tap “Create Sale”
  4. Tap the item you wish to sell
  5. Use the sliders to set the quantity of the item you wish to sell and the price you wish to sell it for
  6. Tap the “Put On Sale” button

Your item will now be listed for sale and your DragonVale World friends will be able to view and purchase the items from you.

When your item sells you will see a green check mark above the Trading Post. Enter the Trading Post and tap the sold item to collect your DragonCash. Cha-ching!

Advertising a Sale


Whenever you create a sale you have the option of advertising that sale. You can advertise one sale for free each hour, and after that it costs 1 Gem to advertise each sale. 

When you advertise a sale it will be visible to DragonVale World players all over the globe for 3 hours. This is the best way to reach more potential customers and ensure your items will sell quickly. If an item does not sell within 3 hours you would need to advertise it again in order for it to appear in the world market. If an item goes unsold long enough, Sylvia herself will make you an offer.

Adding More Sale Slots to Silvia’s Trading Post

If you need more space to sell items, you can use Gems to buy additional slots. The maximum number of Trading Post slots available is 40.


Purchasing Items From Other Players


Need a few more items to fill an Airship order? The Trading Post is a great place to quickly get the items you need. You can view the items your friends have for sale by tapping the “Shop Friends” tab. To view even more items for sale, tap the “Goods Store” tab and view sales from players all over the world!



Friends & Gifting

DragonVale World is more fun with friends! Add some friends to send and receive Gems each day, trade items at Silvia’s Trading Post, and more!

Adding Friends to DragonVale World


Friends can be added to DragonVale World using Facebook. If your DragonVale World park is already connected to Facebook, you can add other DragonVale World players as Facebook friends and they will appear in your friends menu in DragonVale World.


If your park is not yet connected to Facebook, you can connect it by following these steps: 

  1. Open DragonVale World and tap the Options icon in the upper right of the screen
  2. Swipe over and tap the Facebook login button
  3. Enter the email address and password associated with your Facebook account
  4. Tap the “OK” button to confirm that you want to connect your park to Facebook

Once your park is connected to Facebook you can add friends to DragonVale World by adding other players as friends on Facebook.


Sending Gems to Your Friends

Be a good neighbor and help your friends out by sending them Gems each day. Chances are they’ll return the favor and send you Gems too!

To send a Gem to a friend:

  1. Tap the “Friends” icon on the left of your screen
  2. Scroll through the list to find the friend you wish to gift
  3. Once you’ve found your friend, tap the blue “Send” button to send them a Gem


Each day you will have a total of 3 Gems you can send to your friends. These Gems are totally free to give away and are not deducted from your personal Gem total.

You can give Gems to more of your friends by purchasing the Dragonsai Tree from the Market. The Dragonsai Tree will allow you to send Gems to 3 additional friends each day.

Please note: You cannot send more than 1 Gem to the same friend in a single day. Additionally, if your friend has not collected the last Gem you sent them, you will not be able to send them another Gem until they do so.


Sending Messages to Your Friends


DragonVale World features an in-game messaging system so you can communicate with your friends and let them know about that cool new dragon you just hatched!


To send a message:

  1. Tap the “Friends” icon on the left of your screen
  2. Find the friend you wish to message and tap the plus sign below their name and picture
  3. Tap the “Message” button
  4. Enter your message and press the green “Send” button when you’re done


Visiting Your Friends’ Parks

Has your friend been bragging about how awesome their park is? Take a little trip to their DragonVale World park and check it out for yourself!

To visit a friend’s park:

  1. Tap the “Friends” icon on the left of your screen
  2. Find the friend you wish to visit and tap the plus sign below their name and picture
  3. Tap the “Visit” button to travel to their park



Weekend Challenges

challenge-1.jpg   challenge-2.jpg   challenge-3.jpg 

Each weekend you will be presented with a challenge that will provide rewards for completing a series of goals. View the available goals and your current progress at any time by tapping the bullseye icon in the upper right of your screen.

As you complete individual goals you will earn Silver Rings which will accumulate to earn you rewards. Complete all of the goals to earn a Silver Chest containing Gems, Food, Boost Potion Ingredients, and more!


The Weekend Challenges will begin in your park every Friday at 9am and run through Monday at 9am.* Please note that your park must be at least level 6 before the challenges will start. 

*Times may vary in areas that observe Daylight Savings Time. 


Requesting a New Goal


If you're having a hard time completing a specific goal, or you'd just rather have something different to do, you can remove a current goal and request a new one. Here's how:

  1. Tap the bullseye icon in the upper right of your screen
  2. Tap the replace challenge icon in the upper left of the goal you wish to remove
  3. Once removed, a new goal will arrive in 30 minutes. If you wish, you can use a Gem to speed this up



Daily Reward Calendar

reward-calendar.jpg   free-dragon.jpg

Play DragonVale World every day to earn better and better rewards, including DragonCash, XP, Gems, and more! On the 20th consecutive day you can claim a free Gem-earning dragon of your choice!

If you log into DragonVale World but don’t collect your reward that day, it will be placed into your Inbox so you can collect it at your convenience.




Thanks for checking out our DragonVale World gameplay guide! We hope this explains some of the basics, and answers some of the questions you may have had. If your questions weren't answered in this guide, please also see our DragonVale World General FAQ

If you require additional assistance, please contact our support team at, or submit a request using the link below.

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