Epic Island Beginner's Guide and FAQ



Welcome to Epic Island! I am your most illustrious illusionist, Cedric Sparklehands. I’ve spread my minions all over this island in hopes that no brave adventurers have the guts to brave their trials. Defeat them and claim fame and fortune. Fail, and prove that I am the greatest sorcerer that has ever existed!

Gameplay Basics

Epic Island has many exciting dungeons to explore, each filled with Cedric’s evil minions. In order to find Cedric (and show him who’s boss) you’ll need to explore every nook and cranny of Epic Island.


Dungeons - Each dungeon progresses in level as you slay more Monsters. For each level your heroes complete you will be awarded a chest filled with loot, which you can open for a price. When a dungeon reaches level 5, it’s considered complete, but you can always go back and earn more chests, experience, and items.


Q: What does a bonus to dungeon progress do, and how does it help me?

A: A bonus to dungeon progress speeds up the rate at which a dungeon’s level increases after a quest is complete. (You can see the dungeon’s progress on the right side of the screen)



To send your heroes into battle tap on any dungeon, then select the monster you’d like to fight. Once you tap the monster you can select which hero to fight with. Higher level heroes can stand up to tougher enemies, so try to select a monster with the highest Fame possible for the best rewards.

Each monster defeated rewards Fame (experience points), coins, items and increases the overall level of the dungeon.


Pro-tip: When you select a hero to use in battle the name of the monster will change colors depending on how difficult the monster is to defeat for this specific hero. Green = easier, Yellow = challenging, Red = a very dangerous enemy!



You can have a maximum of 5 heroes, and each can equip a pet to help them out. Sending your heroes on quests is the primary method of becoming more powerful in order to explore Epic Island.


Leveling up - Once your hero’s experience bar is full you’ll be able to distribute skill points to Attack, Defense, and Magic.


Q: Why am I no longer getting XP in Epic Island?

A: As you obtain higher levels for your characters a large amount of XP is required to notice a change in the XP Bar.


Equipment - You can change your hero’s equipment by tapping their portrait while they aren’t currently questing. Tap an item on the right side to compare it to your currently equipped items. If you like the item, then drag and drop it onto your hero.


Pro-tip: Some items require two hands to wield, weigh the trade off between using the item or carrying a shield, it could be all the difference in a tough fight!



The primary currency in Epic Island is coins. Coins can be used to purchase most items or unlock areas.

Gems are the premium currency in Epic Island. They can be used to unlock chests, buy epic items, and speed up time!



Gefroy, the Blacksmith loves helping adventurers meddle with Cedric’s plans. He usually has a stock of rare items and will help you upgrade your gear in the forge.


Forging - Use the forge to upgrade your items. Drag the item that you want to upgrade into the forge and then increase its level by melting down your unwanted items.

Pro-tip: If you’re running low on room in your inventory try forging all of your extra items.


Q: What do the elements mean in the forge?

A: Combining elements in the forge modifies your gear into wildly different results as you increase an item’s level. Try experimenting with different combinations of of elements in the forge. Non-epic equipment can have, at most, two elements. Adding additional elements during forging will yield an item with two randomly selected elements.


Boasting Hall

You can complete achievements for rewards in the Boasting Hall. Don’t forget to stop by often to check your progress and collect rewards!


The Castle

Castle Wall - Use the Castle Wall to leave notes for friends, view your friends, and invite others to play Epic Island with you.


Treasury - Use the treasury to store extra items you don’t have room for in your inventory. You can also store chests that you don’t want to open yet in the treasury.


Chest Gifting - You can send one chest each day to your friends in the View Friends tab. For more information see the "Social" heading below. 


The Arena

In the Arena your heroes can test their mettle against others for fantastic rewards. Heroes with a certain set of talents will fare better in each event. Pay attention closely when selecting your combatant. Once you enroll a hero in an arena event, they are the only one of your heroes that can compete until the event concludes. 

Tokens: Each token gives you entrance to one arena event. Tokens regenerate over time, but you can always buy more for gems.

Rewards: Your arena rewards are based on honor, the more honor you earn, the better your prizes.



Each week two different Factions face-off for glory and huge bonuses to your dungeon progress. You earn Faction points when questing, fighting Titans, and competing in the Arena. Faction points earned contribute to your faction’s total score for the week.

Joining a Faction - The Faction Pavilion is unlocked once you enter Earthfell, the 3rd zone on Epic Island. Each Faction event lasts one week, but you can join at any time. When you tap the Pavilion for the first time each week you'll be given the option between the two waring sides. Choose wisely! 

Faction Equipment - This is special equipment that can be purchased using Faction Points. It usually provides a bonus to Faction Point earning and it can become very powerful when upgraded.

Pro-tip: Spending your Faction Points DOES NOT deduct from your faction’s total score for the week.



Cedric’s Titans are mammoth beings sent forth to crush adventurers. To bring down a Titan the whole community will have to work together over several days. The more damage your heroes contribute, the better the rewards you’ll reap.



Along your adventure you'll find your first pet once you unlock the Frozen Wastes in the Icy Mawcano dungeon. There will be a brief tutorial showing you how to tame and upgrade your pets once you unlock the Frozen Wastes zone. 

Q: How do I find more pets?

A: Pets will spawn randomly after you defeat minions inside Cedric's dungeons. There's no telling where new pets will appear, so keep questing and you'll eventually run across some of them if you keep progressing! 



Using the Castle you can write on your friend’s wall, and provide gifts of one chest each day to your friends.


Q: How do you add friends?

A: You can invite friends using SMS, Email, or Facebook. Once you've invited them to play, you can connect with each other by “friending” them on Facebook. Once you are both connected on Facebook make sure you both have Epic Island installed on a device and you both have logged into Facebook on the main screen of Epic Island.


Q: How does chest gifting work in Epic Island?

A: Every 24 hours you can gift a total of one chest to each friend. You must earn chests by opening other chests in the world as you complete a level of a dungeon. These chests often house incredible loot, so gift often! 


More Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I bought gems in Epic Island, but I never received them!

A: We’re happy to help, we’ll make sure you receive everything you paid for ASAP. Please email with your Game Center nickname and a copy (screenshot) of your receipt. We'll make sure you're well taken care of. 

For refunds:


Q: Is there any way to get a Holiday or Special Event Titans that I missed?

A: Unfortunately special event and holiday Titans are just that…very special! We certainly hope these rare items will make a return to Epic Island in the future!


Q: I’m unable to unlock a zone even though I have enough coins.  

A: If you are trying to unlock a new area and you have enough coins to do so you may need to level up your character. Some areas will require a higher level before unlocking that space.


Q: How do I delete a profile in Epic Island?

A: At this time profiles can't be deleted in Epic Island. You can, however, create a new profile by tapping the list icon to the right of your current profile if you like.

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