Seabeard Starter Guide and FAQ


Welcome to Seabeard! Let's set sail for adventure together!


In Seabeard your goal is to rebuild the island of Accordia, and preserve your long-lost ancestor Seabeard’s memory.

In order to rebuild Accordia you’re in store for quite an adventure! Sail the vast ocean exploring and helping others in your wake, there is a boundless world of opportunity waiting to be navigated!

You take the role of the Captain of a modest trading vessel. Assemble your crew to begin your search for treasure and adventure, trade with your friends and the islanders you encounter, upgrade your ship, and become the world’s most prestigious trader! Who knows? You might even find some surprises along the way!


Gameplay basics:

Prestige - This is the measure of all your efforts to rebuild Accordia. Prestige raises you higher on social score boards with Game Center and Facebook. The more levels your character gains, the more improvements you can make to your island to raise your prestige.  


Coins and Pearls - There are two currencies in Seabeard, coins and pearls. Coins are the primary currency of the community. Pearls allow you to buy some premium items, but have so many more uses! Pearls can be used to speed up certain events, refuel your ship and purchase many other valuable commodities.


Travel - Your ship can always be found at the docks of any island. To board your ship simply tap on it and you’ll be taken to the world map. Once on the world map you can tap any island to travel to it,


Helping townspeople is the primary way to earn coins and upgrade your ship and Accordia. Some quests require fetching an item, crafting materials, or speaking to others. You can always switch quests by tapping the green exclamation mark (!) on the left side of the screen. Tap on a quest and you’ll see a quest marker leading you to your destination appear on your screen.

A brief breakdown of some quest-types is below.

Main Quests - The main story questline will appear in the quest menu as a green quests. These quests have no time limit and will stay in your quest menu until completed.

Side and Daily Quests - Side quests will appear as blue quests. These quests have a time limit and will expire if not completed in time. These quests are often repeatable are randomly generated and can be used to earn extra items, experience points, and coins. Some quests give you a general location of an item, without specifically telling you where it can be found. During these quests try tapping every bush, shrub, and tree on an island. Example: “Find me a Worm!”

Deliver Passengers - Some passengers just want to hitch a ride, give them a lift to their desired destination to earn some cash.

Crafting Quests - These quests require you to craft items using different resources you find on the islands. Often you’ll need to learn a recipe from a trainer first. Once you learn the recipe you can combine items into new, more valuable items. (ex. you can turn apples into apple juice using the cauldron at Gabriel Flambe’s restaurant)

Day and Night Cycle:

Some events in Seabeard only happen during the day or night. Seabeard’s clock is locked to your own device’s time, so wait until it’s dark outside and you’ll see the world of Seabeard change from day to night.



The townspeople of each island enjoy teaching their craft to those willing to learn. You’ll meet chefs, carpenters, farmers, and millers during your travels. Each of these “trainers” will teach you recipes that you can use to turn specific items into more valuable items. Mastering the crafting system is key to progressing in Seabeard.


Social Gameplay!

Seabeard is even more fun with friends! Connect your game using Facebook in order to swap items, visit, and post on each other’s notice board. Try visiting the middle-most island to view all the other islands in your social archipelago! 

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: I can not get in the cave at the beginning! Help!

A: Many things in Seabeard are intractable. Try selecting the bush to remove it from your path.


Q: How do I edit my crew members?

A: In the settings menu, if you select the crew button, you will be presented with a view of your Captain. Place your finger on your character and swipe to the left. This will allow you to scroll through each of your crew members. From this menu you can view the crew members experience, send them home, and even change their clothing.


Q: It is always night time in my game!

A: When you install Seabeard, the game sets it's Day/Night cycle to the time zone that is set on your device. This helps the game feel more immersive so that when you wake up in the morning, it is morning, and when you look in on your game at night, it is night.


Q: Why are the cows, chickens, and farmers always sleeping?

A: As said above, your game sets its day and night cycle based on the time zone of your device. So if you check your farmers and animals, late in the evening or early in the morning before they wake up, they may be sleeping. To double check when your in game time is set to, when the game launches, check the bar along the bottom of the screen and it will provide you with the in game time.


Q: I can not turn in my smuggling quest!

A: Smuggling quests come in two parts. The delivery which will send you to an island to find a shady looking character to deliver the package to. (These characters will not be marked)  Then the return trip to the quest giver. Sometimes the quest givers only appear at nighttime, so if you pick up a quest from a night time NPC, they will only be around at night to turn it back in.


Q: I picked up a quest this weekend on Woodcutt Isle but the NPCs are no longer there to accept it back!

A: Some NPCs such as the campers do not stick around for long. Do not fret! They will return. Weekend campers will return on the weekends, and week day campers will be there on the week days. If your NPC is absent for a turn in, just be patient and check back at a later time.


Q: Where can I pick up Taxi Passengers for my quest?

A: There are Taxi Kiosks on most islands, and on occasion you will see a villager wanting a ride. People will not always need rides, but when they do, they will be waiting and eager to hire you to ferry them to another island.


Q: Will monsters respawn ?

A: Yes they will!


Q: Will collectable items respawn?

A: Yes they will!


Q: I can not find my quest item!

A: Check under bushes and make sure to shake trees. You never know if a bird might have hid it up in the branches. Be sure to read your quest text for hints on where the item may be hidden and to ensure you are on the right island.


Q: I can't find all animals and birds for the identification achievements!

A: Some animals and birds are rare or very shy and only come our under certain condition and on certain days. Keep your eyes peeled!


Q: Can I earn Pearls?

A: Yes you can! Pearls can be earned as rewards from quests, mini-games, and achievements.


Q: Can I earn Gold?

A: Gold can be earned from quests, mini-games, the swap-shop, and achievements. Your main source of gold will be through your trader stalls as you build your island's economy.


Q: I see a black screen when launching the game.

A: If you see a black screen when launching the game and have an iPhone 6 or 6+, change "display Zoom" to "Standard" - We are working on a fix for the next release.

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