Spellfall FAQ

Q: I’m having issues and I don’t know what to do to resolve them. What should I do?

A: Backflip is always ready and willing to help each and every one of our players. Feel free to drop us a line anytime at You can also check out our Facebook page for tips and updates to the game at


Q: How do I change the game’s language to Korean or Japanese?

A: You can change tThe game’s language is determined by at any time via your device’s language settings. More languages will be supported soon!


Q: I see the awesome extra-move bonus for inviting friends to join me in playing Spellfall. How do I invite friends to play?

A: You can invite your friends to play by accessing the settings menu. There, you will be able to post an invite to your Facebook wall, send an email invite, or post a Twitter invite.


Q: How do I increase my chances for extra moves by inviting friends to play?

A: Once your friends have joined you in playing Spellfall, you will need to make sure you are in the same area in order for you both to benefit.


Q: How do I know which elements are strong/weak against enemiesother elements?

A: Elemental enemies take less damage from matching element attacks. However, Eeach element is strong/weak toagainst some another element. Here is the breakdown:

  • fire - weak to water

  • water - weak to energy

  • energy - weak to plant

  • plant - weak to cold

  • cold - weak to fire


Q: What are the different tiers of rarity flags?

A: The tiers, from common to most rare are as follows:

  • Gray

  • White

  • Green

  • Blue

  • Orange

  • Purple

  • Gold


Q: What is “overkill” and how does it work?

A: “Overkill” occurs when the enemy’s life has been depleted. The matches that follow via cascade, as well as any remaining special tiles (convert/spell tiles) on the board, will reward you with extra coins.


Q: How do elemental mastery runes work?

A: There are 5 types of elemental mastery runes - fire, water, cold, plant and energy. If you equip one of these runes in a weapon socket, then the damage dealt by attacking with associated attack stat for that element will increase. If you equip one in an armor socket, then the associated defense against stat for that element will increase. Keep track of where your mastery runes are socketed to increase your chances of defeating tough foes.


Q: Why do areas get recaptured?

A: Corruption is everywhere, and while you have cleared many areas of their corruption. There is always a chance that corruption can seep back in and take them over again. Recaptured areas are in peril and cannot generate any coin rewards for you. In order to have the area produce gold once more, you will need to beat it again. However, when returning to a recaptured area, you will notice that the enemies, though harder, give much better rewards than the first time you beat the area.


Q: Why do I need to beat recaptured areas again?

A: Recaptured areas no longer produce gold. In order for recaptured areas to give you gold again the area must be cleared of its corruption once more. When returning to a recaptured area, you will notice that the enemies, while more difficult, also give better rewards than the first time you beat the area. Recaptured areas that you clear out also give you a higher coin reward over time!


Q: Why do rune sockets get progressively more expensive?

A: The magical powers required to contain and activate runes is quite complex. The more runes you want to socket, the more effort it takes to ensure your items don’t explode. Enabling more runes is powerful, but the process isn’t easy.contained within runes are extremely potent. The more runes of these you can equip, the better your chances are of bringing your opponent to their his (or her) knees. Even the toughest enemy will have serious problems dealing with a weapon or armor fully loaded with runes.


Q: What happens if I miss one of the 20 days needed for the login bonus?

A: The login bonus calendar will reset to day one. Be sure to turn on notifications in the Settings menu to make sure you don’t miss a day! The reward on the 20th day is quite substantial...


Q: What is the meaning of the battery symbol on the daily login bonus menu?

A: This bonus, when collected, will fully charge any equipped active rune, such as Heal or Poison. Make sure you have your best runes equipped when you accept the reward!


Q: What if I want to start a new game?

A: On the main screen at startup, you can tap the button on the bottom right to access the save slots menu. From there, you can delete games that are already in progress, or you can start a new game.


Q: How do I turn on notifications for Spellfall?

A: You can toggle notifications on or off in the Settings menu.

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