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Welcome to Dwarven Den, a new game from Backflip Studios!  

We’ve developed this guide to introduce new players to some of the important concepts in this exciting new title.  If you're stuck on a level, read below for some super-helpful tips and tricks! 



Dwarven Den is a hybrid adventure/puzzle game where you mine deeper into the earth to collect and forge gear, free your dwarf friends, and uncover the secrets of the lost dwarf city.



Energy - This is primary resource needed for mining blocks and acts as your dwarf’s health when damaged by an enemy. Energy can be gathered by collecting red crystals.  

Tech - This resource is depleted when using Abilities. Your dwarf’s available abilities are displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen next to your Tech pool.  Each available ability displays a cost-to-use above it’s icon.  Each time you use a lantern, bomb, etc., that amount will be subtracted from your Tech pool.  

Gems - Gems can be used for a variety of reasons, but their primary use is to restore your energy if you run out while on a quest.  You can also spend Gems on new gear in the market.

Gold - Gold can be gathered while questing and is primarily used to forge new items. *Be sure to collect all the gold in each level to use later to forge new gear!

Lives - You lose a life each time your dwarf is not able to finish the quest or you quit a quest. If you run out of lives you must buy more using Gems or wait for them to regenerate over time.


Game Mechanics

Star Rating

Each level is evaluated on a 3-star system. In order to pass each level you need to earn at least 1 star. 1 star is earned for completing the level goal, the other 2 stars are hidden within chests around the level. See if you can collect all 3 stars in every level!


Stability is introduced in level 11. Remember to keep an eye on your stability as you progress through a level. If you mine too many blocks, or the support pillars you could cause a cave-in! A cave-in can cause you to lose Energy!

  • Pro-tip: In later levels stability can also be used against enemies, but this will require careful planning!



- The Forge can be accessed from the home screen.

- New, more powerful items can be forged by combining two of the same items in the Forge. All you need is a little bit of gold, and a few taps of your finger!  

- You can forge new Picks, Helmets, and Backpacks by opening the forge and selecting any item. If you have a compatible item (i.e. a second item of the same type) you will be able to select it in the right hand column.  Once two similar items are the forge, tap FORGE and see what comes out!

- Recently we've seen a lot of questions about adding "Mighty" or other special items to the forge, but then not seeing your duplicate items as compatible. If you see this, then you have selected a "top-tier" item, that doesn't currently forge. 

Here's a quick list of our current Top-Tier items that can't be forged together:
- Mighty Jade Blade
- Mighty Lava Hammer
- Mighty Ram Helmet
- Mighty Epic Crown
- Mighty Crystal Backpack
- Mighty Stein Backpack

*Additionally, you may find certain upgraded and secret items (which may or may not be mighty) can't be forged.

  • Pro-tip: try to forge all of your lower level gear into new items rather than selling it. That way you’ll be able to outfit your dwarves with sweet new gear for every new quest!



- Each piece of equipment has a base value of Tech or Energy and some will even have important bonuses to your dwarf’s stats!

- The Energy and Tech values on gear adjust how much of each you start a quest with.  

- Bonus stats can provide a variety of different effects! Some provide advantages to bombs, lanterns or other items; while others provide passive bonuses. Try to pick gear that suits your own play style for the best advantages!

  • Pro-tip: Some unique items can only be found as secrets in levels.



Each level allows you to use specific abilities to aid your progress. Each ability costs a specific amount of Tech (blue crystals) to use. At the bottom right of the screen you will see the amount of Tech you have available as well as the cost of each ability.

Bombs - Can be placed to blow up all surrounding blocks. Bombs also clear gold and crystals quickly, and you will still reap the rewards. Pro-tip; use bombs to clear hard-to-break blocks in one big explosion and clear pesky enemies!

Torch - This ability will allow you to clear the fog over a level. Use this wisely and it can save you precious Energy (red crystals).

Proximator - The Proximator will show you how close you are to your goal. Use these at the right moments to determine the correct direction to go!

Trap - Trapping monsters and getting them out of the way? Score!

Be on the lookout for more abilities throughout the game as you progress!


Social Features

Facebook login - Logging into Facebook grants a host of features including rewards for posting to your wall after completing a quest, inviting friends, gifting extra lives, and more to come! *Each player will earn a 10 gem bonus for logging into Facebook for the first time!*

Guilds - Band together with your friends to complete daily Guild Quests! Every day your Guild will be given a quest to raise a specific number of stars. Each player will be able to collect up to 3 stars to contribute towards the overall total. Meet your goal and everyone in the Guild will receive free gems! 


Are you stuck on a level? Need help? 

Dwarven Den has some challenging levels, but you don't have to venture into the mines alone! We've got your back! Below we've listed some great tips to help players through the tough spots in Dwarven Den. 

Get Social! - There are tons of players exchanging Guild names and helpful tips on our Facebook page. If you're having trouble, odds are another player has shared vital information about the same level on our wall. Come visit, chat with other players and receive some sagely advice from our awesome community!

Check your gear! - Your gear is the single biggest factor in how powerful your character is. It's always good to upgrade your gear as often as possible. Likely you've collected enough gold and gear over the past few levels to build some awesome new items in the Forge that can make all the difference in the harder areas. You can read more about the Forge above. 

Farm gold and supplies! - You can always replay any previous levels to raise some extra funds. Replaying a level or two that you've already completed can bring in some major income! This extra gold might be the difference between that next level of forged gear, and that's a huge advantage! 

Think outside the box! - Some levels require some pretty tricky skills! If you're not sure what to do next, think about the tools at your disposal. What abilities do you have? Can you lure an enemy into performing a task for you? Have you explored every nook and cranny of the mines? 



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