Gardenia's Gathering of Roses 2017 (Ended Event)

Welcome to Gardenia's Gathering of Roses!

We’ve developed this guide to help you get the most magic out of this very special event! As always, you can email our Customer Support team at for additional information.

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Getting Started

Collecting Roses

Bouquet Boutique

Activities & Games

Presentium Compendium

End of Event



Getting Started

Why hasn’t the event begun in my park yet?

Your park must be at least level 11 to begin this event, which began on January 26th, 2017.

If you’re above level 11 and still aren't seeing the event, you might be playing on an older version of DragonVale. Please update to the most recent version through the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon Marketplace. The correct version for the event is 3.12.0.


I missed the help menus/event tutorials, what should I do?

If you select the Bouquet Boutique, then tap Help, you can view all the information on the event.


When does the event end?

Gardenia's Gathering of Roses runs through February 14th 2017, concluding on February 15th at 11am MST.



Collecting Roses

This event is all about collecting Roses around your park, playing games, competing in challenges, and turning in the Roses for fabulous prizes at the Bouquet Boutique. How can I earn Roses, you ask?


Earning Roses 

  • Collecting DragonCash or Harvesting Treats
  • Hatching Dragons
  • Clearing bushes and trees from new islands
  • Playing games
  • Competing in challenges
  • Collecting daily rewards from the Presentium Compendium
  • Competing in Colosseum events
  • Questing at the Perch of Kairos and Gaia's Nest
  • Receiving gifts from friends
  • Visiting friends' parks and tapping Party Hats
  • Finding Gardenia strolling in your park 


Purchasing Roses

Roses can also be purchased through the Market. Please note that Roses purchased in the Market do not count against your daily collection limit. 


Why am I no longer earning Roses?

You’ve hit your daily cap for Roses. Nice work! More Roses will be available to collect the following day. You can keep track of how close you are to the daily limit by looking at the progress bar/counter below your Rose total. 


What is the daily cap of Roses?

Roses are normally limited to 1000 per day, but be on the lookout for special occasions where there are more Roses available! Keep in mind that purchases in the Market do not count against the daily limit.


Why is there a daily collection limit on Roses during Gardenia's Gathering of Roses?

A spell is cast to create Roses every day at the same time, but the magic only allows for a finite amount!


What time do the Roses reset each day?

Your daily cap for Roses will reset each day at 11am MST. Check back each day for more Roses and more chances to earn prizes!


Will there be opportunities to earn bonus Roses?

At random times throughout Gardenia's Gathering of Roses, players can earn more Roses than usual. Stay tuned to our Facebook community to learn more!



The Bouquet Boutique

The Bouquet Boutique can be found on the event island and contains all the prizes that can be earned in the event. Prizes are divided into 3 collections: Dahlia, Daisy, and Daffodil. Collecting more unique prizes will unlock higher tiers.




Exchanging Roses for Prizes

  • Visit the Bouquet Boutique and tap the Prizes icon
  • View available prizes by tapping each of the different collections
  • Select a prize from one of the many items available
  • The more unique prizes you earn, the more collections you will unlock

Please Note: If you already own an item from one of the prize collections it will count towards unlocking higher tiers. Multiples of the same item will not be counted in your total.



Activities & Games

Gardenia's Gamery


Gardenia's Gamery contains two different mini games - Make-a-Match and Dragon Drop.

Make-a-Match - You will be presented with a game board of cards placed face-down. Test your memory to match two cards and win Roses!

Dragon Drop - A game of chance, Pachinko style! Tap to drop and win Roses or Gems!


Why can't I play any more games today / When can I play games again?

You'll get 10 plays in Gardenia's Gamery each day. Please note that these 10 plays are shared between both games. You can visit the Gamery to check the time until games can be played again.


The Rose Ring


Similar to cooperative breeding, you can team up with friends’ dragons to compete in challenges and win Roses!

  • Challenges will last two hours each
  • You may complete up to five challenges per day
  • Choose the best dragons for the challenge by matching your dragon's elements to the elements of the current challenge
  • If you win Gold in the challenge, you can send your friend a thank you and they will receive 15 extra Roses
  • Roses collected from the Rose Ring after your daily limit has been reached will be placed into your gifts menu after you reload DragonVale


What happens to my winnings from games and challenges if I’ve already hit my limit of Roses for the day?

Once you hit your daily collection limit, any winnings from games played thereafter, or from unfinished challenges, will be added to your gifts menu. You may collect these at a later date, but keep in mind accepting these gifts counts toward your daily collection limit.


I was told that Roses were sent to my Gifts menu but they're not there! Why?

Surplus Roses from games or challenges are not added to the Gifts menu until after you close and reload DragonVale. After you've reloaded DragonVale you will see that your Rose winnings have been added to the Backflip Studios gift total.



The Presentium Compendium


The Presentium Compendium rewards you for each day you play during Gardenia's Gathering of Roses. Earn free Roses, Gems, and even dragons!  

  • Check in each day for magical rewards and special surprises!
  • If you miss a day, don’t worry, you can spend a few gems to catch up. You cannot collect a day’s reward in advance.
  • You only have to login to DragonVale each day to be eligible for the reward. If you login, but forget to visit The Presentium Compendium, your reward will still be available to collect next time you visit.
  • Roses received from the Presentium Compendium are a bonus and do not count towards your daily limit.


I received a gift of Roses from the Presentium Compendium but they weren't added to my total. What happened?

Roses earned from the Presentium Compendium do not count against your daily limit so they will be added to your overall Rose total, but won't be reflected in the daily counter/progress bar below your Rose total.



End of the Event 

When does Gardenia's Gathering of Roses end?

The Gathering of Roses runs through February 14th 2017, concluding on February 15th at 11am MST. After this time it will not be possible to earn additional Roses, but the Bouquet Boutique will remain open for a brief period to allow you to turn in any leftover Roses for prizes. 


When does the Bouquet Boutique close?

The Bouquet Boutique will remain open through February 20th and close at 11am MST on the 21st. You will not be able to earn additional Roses during this time, but you will have the opportunity to turn in any leftover Roses for prizes, as well as collect any Roses you may have remaining in your Gifts menu.


I have Roses remaining in my Gifts menu. Will these be added to my total when the event ends?

Here’s the scoop. After the event ends, any Roses stored in your Gifts menu must be collected in order to be added to your total. You can collect up to 1,000 Roses from your Gifts menu each day until the Bouquet Boutique closes. 


I collected a large gift from a friend but only some of it was added to my total. What happened to the rest of my Roses?

If you collect a gift that puts you over the daily Rose limit (1,000 per day), the surplus Roses are removed from your friend's name and added to the Backflip Studios gift total. Please note that this does not happen until the next time you load DragonVale.


What happens to my leftover Roses at the end of the Gardenia's Gathering of Roses?

Nothing happens to your leftover Roses until the Bouquet Boutique closes. You can still hop in the game, access the Bouquet Boutique and spend your Roses however you'd like. After the Bouquet Boutique closes, we'll turn any leftover Roses into treats and place them into your gifts menu.


Why can I still buy Roses but not earn them?

Based on our decision to leave the Bouquet Boutique open a little longer, we had a discussion that was essentially, "What if I'm really close to getting a prize I really want? What do I do?" - which is a good question. What can we do for players who were close to achieving their goal, but were maybe on vacation when the event ended? Based on a small percentage of users who might want to reach for some items they missed, we decided to keep the Roses available in the Market.

Please note: To prevent any potential issues with purchases made as the event is ending, Rose purchasing will be turned off a few hours before the Bouquet Boutique closes.




We appreciate you stopping by our event FAQ for more information. If you have further questions, please leave a comment on our Facebook page or send us an email:


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